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the chronic pain scale

The Chronic Pain Scale

This was the pain scale they had on the wall at the hospital when my hubby was in the ER last week. The same pain scale was on the wall in his room when he was checked in, as well. In case you are … [Read More...]

Accepting Your Diagnosis

Accepting Your Diagnosis

Kelly Dempewolfe over at As My Body Attacks Itself is the inspiration for this edition of Sunday Inspiration. She recently shared a post entitled "No Diagnosis Bashing, Please!" When I began reading … [Read More...]

Small Fiber Polyneuropathy

What is Small Fiber Neuropathy

In the last few years we’ve seen many articles about the overlap of small fiber neuropathy (or small fiber polyneuropathy – same thing) in Fibromyalgia and the hope that we may be able to use skin … [Read More...]

Yes, I know that someone has it worse than me, but you pointing it out doesn't make me feel better.

Someone Has it Worse Than You

Downward Social Comparison – When It’s Good That Someone Has it Worse Than You There’s a Psychological thing called “Downward Social Comparison”, it’s a little thing that we all do but it seems … [Read More...]