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Dealing with Disappointment

Reading through the 3 Things the Chronically Ill Want Their Loves Ones to Know, one in particular stood out to me, because it's the one that is most true for me. " We can feel as if we’re letting you down even though you’ve repeatedly told us that we’re not." - 3 Things the Chronically Ill Want Their Loves Ones to Know I'm not a fan of being disappointed. Who is?  Having … [Keep Reading...]

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An Antibody to Stop Pain and Itching! Count Me In

I just read this article about how scientists at Duke University have created an anti-body that they believe may be able to be used to block the electrical signals that cause pain and itching.  Can you imagine?  Being immune to pain and itching?  But, then I … [Read More...]


My Fibromyalgia Speech: What is Fibromyalgia?

As promised, here's the video of my Fibromyalgia speech. Heads up, turn the volume down. I have no idea how I got even close to an A on this (I got a B+). I'm actually a little embarrassed to even share this. Today, I'll be giving my second speech, … [Read More...]

Medical records

Confession: I’m Terrible at Keeping Records

I saw this article "Do You Make this Medication Mistake?" on headacheandmigrainenews.com and as soon as I started reading I knew that YES. I do make that mistake. I am terrible at keeping records of my health. Whether it's making sure I pick up a copy of my … [Read More...]


3 Things that Affect Our Communication with Doctors

Reading 3 Reasons Doctors Need to Understand Their Patients Health Beliefs and it struck me how important it is for us to have a good relationship with our doctor. We need to have communication with our doctor almost at the same level we have with our spouse; … [Read More...]

Interview with Chronic Rants

Interview with Ms Rants of Chronic Rants- Fibro Warrior Wednesday

This week I’m interviewing Ms Rants from Boston, MA, USA. Ms Rants had to stop working in 2011 in an attempt to “recover” from her illnesses. Now she focuses on her health, volunteering as often as she can, and a few low-energy hobbies that she is able to do from home, like crocheting, reading and […]


Know that You Can

The above is a conversation from twitter that got me thinking, and I wanted to share my thoughts beyond just twitter. The original post, which I retweeted: “If Only” is the excuse of a loser. “I Can” is the affirmation of a winner. I often try to retweet inspirational posts along with various posts and […]


Do You Have Compassion For Yourself?

I’ve written and thought a lot lately about compassion. How doctors lack it, how people need to be more compassionate towards the chronically ill, how we need to be more compassionate. But, I was reading this article on ZenHabits and it struck me that the place we lack compassion the most is towards ourselves. ‘So […]


Changing Your Perception of Chronic Pain

  Perceptions of control make a difference.People who think they have more control show less response to stress. {Stress}may be less intense among those who think of them as challenges to be overcome. Many stressful events are not inherently stressful. Their impact depends partly on how people perceive them. An important aspect of this appraisal […]


Fibro Warrior Wednesday – Cracked Betty (Bec)

This week we are getting to know Bec (aka Cracked Betty), Sydney, Australia. Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a writer and marketing consultant for small, professional businesses, so I get to work with some really fantastic, interesting people. I am single without kids, but surrounded by nieces, nephews, friend’s kids and lots […]


Surviving 8AM

Update on FODMAP:  A few people have been curious to know how the FODMAP diet has been working for me.  I’d love to tell you that I’ve followed it religiously for the last month, but I’d be lying. We’ve been really good about it during the week. With most of our meals being deli meat […]


Communicating Your Needs When You Have Chronic Illness

Recently a friend in my local Fibro Support Group asked a fairly common question about how you deal with family who just don’t get that your energy level varies, they don’t get that you really DO hurt and that you really DON’T have any energy.  It’s the old “aw, we all get a little tired […]