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As My Body Attacks Itself - review
Megan Densmore and Invisible: The Film
help someone who lives with chronic pain and fatigue
I have hope that there are better days to come

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interview with FibroGeek - Donnad
Interview with a Fibro Warrior Andy
Fibro Warrior Interview: AshleyJane Living Incurably
Life lessons from Fibromyalgia

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can music reduce pain

Can music reduce pain?

There are many types of music therapy available, and different research suggesting that types of music can help calm you, reduce stress, and even reduce pain. A study conducted by Garza-Villarreal and … [Read More...]

Stop waiting to be happy If you want to make a change, start now.

Stop Waiting to Be Happy (guest post)

Waiting to Be Happy Guest Post by Mandy Mercuri from Take Hold of Pain Have you ever thought this “When I’m ...., I’ll be happy”? You can insert whatever you are looking forward to, dreaming about or … [Read More...]

Happy New Year

2014 Year in Review

Overall 2014 has been a good year. It started off a little rocky, but it improved as the year progressed.  In the fall I was able to return to my classes, and we even took that trip to Mexico that we … [Read More...]