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Fibro Warrior – Sarah Woodard

This week's Fibro Warrior is Sarah Woodard from Nashua, NH. She is single and lives with her two kitties (Jim and Yodette). She works full-time, and enjoys martial arts, beekeeping, Reiki, reading, crossword puzzles, and knitting. She was diagnosed around 2000 at the age of 20, after having "unexplainable" symptoms for seven years.   Tell us a little about yourself. … [Keep Reading...]

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Updates on Disability Accommodations

I started classes last week. This will be my first full week of classes, and it's going to be a very busy week, and keeps getting busier. I did want to give a quick update on how things are going and my first impression with the instructors about the … [Read More...]


Sunday Inspiration: Letting Go of Guilt

This week my inspiration comes from a post on Migraine.com about Letting Go of Guilt. Kerrie talks about the guilt that we carry around due to our illness. The guilt of having to cancel plans at the last-minute, due to our illness. Guilt is a … [Read More...]


Trigger Point Injections for Pain Relief

I've shared here in the past about my experience with TMJ and the treatment that helped me finally overcome it (more or less). One of the key aspects of the treatment that Dr. Simmons provides is trigger point injections. I can't recall exactly how many I … [Read More...]


Insomnia and the Memory Foam Mattress

The trouble with beds is that evidently you are supposed to sleep in them The first 4 years of our marriage, the bed was a major bone of contention for us.  The first bed we bought was a Sleep Number bed.  Ideally, we could each be comfortable at our own … [Read More...]

Requesting Disability Accomodations

Requesting Disability Accommodations

For those who are considering asking for accommodations either at school or work. Stop considering and just do it. If there is something that will make your life easier, that they can do, ask for it.

Control Your Stress, Control Your Flares

Learn to Control Your Pain and Flares

At this point anyone with a chronic illness knows that stress increases their flares (or likelihood of a flare). But, are you creating your own flares, and the stress that creates them? You could be controlling both the stress and the flares. I know it’s hard to imagine that we actually have any control over this pain that our bodies give us. But, the truth is that you can control your pain.


Handling Toxic Relationships

There are those in our lives that are toxic. They suck our energy away and leave us feeling worse. Tips for identifying and handling these toxic energy draining people.


Fibro Warrior Wednesday – Ken McKim – Spoonie Husband and Activist

This week I’m interviewing the husband of a Spoonie. Ken McKim has become an activist because of his wife’s health issues. Recently, I shared his video on the Slow Death of Compassion for the Chronically Ill. Since then he’s expanded his activism, set up a blog, and created a number of new videos. Ken is […]


We Are All Hiding Pain

I just read that the comic genius, Robin Williams, was found dead today. He was only 63 (younger that my parents), and the cause is believed to be suicide by asphyxiation. That’s a rough way to go, and I’m really hoping they later decide it was an accidental death related to some kinky sex play.  […]


That “Spoonie Thing”

  Some say #spoonie like it’s a bad thing. #Spoonies are some of the strongest people I know and I’m thankful to know each of you. — Julie Ryan (@drunkitty2000) March 30, 2014 Obviously, I totally identified with the Spoon Theory when I read it and feel comfortable with the term “spoonie” as an identifier […]


The Delicate Balance of Being Enough

When you live with a chronic illness, like Fibromyalgia, there is a constant worry that you aren’t doing enough to pull your own wait. We often end up over-doing it in order to feel like we’ve done enough. Am I good enough spouse? A good enough parent? Am I working hard enough? Am I taking enough classes? Am I doing enough?