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Fibro Warrior Heather

Fibro Warrior – Heather

This week's interview is with Heather J. from Texas. She's been diagnosed just about a year and a half. Tell us a little about yourself: I've been married for 3 years and we have one son. He's our … [Read More...]

The risk of being vulnerable

At the Risk of Being Vulnerable

I found a new blog last week, actually she found me. I love finding new blogs especially ones that inspire me as SoAngieWrites has done.  The day she introduced herself I was having a particularly … [Read More...]

Keys to Recovery

The Keys to Recovery

Julie Holiday (aka @MECFSSelfHelpGuru ) shared a great post on Prohealth recently about the Keys to Recovery. In sharing stories of those who have recovered she's found a few simple ways these stories … [Read More...]

Fibro Warrior: Angie Williams

Fibro Warrior – Angie Williams

This week we are getting to know Angie Williams from Castle Rock, CO. I met Angie through Facebook and she agreed to share her story. Tell us a little about yourself: I am married to an amazing … [Read More...]

dry needling for Fibromyalgia

Dry Needling for Fibromyalgia

I've not tried dry needling yet, but I have acupuncture regularly. They are similar yet different treatments. Dry needling uses the same needles used for acupuncture, but the locations focused on are … [Read More...]