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Fibro Warrior: Angie Williams

Fibro Warrior – Angie Williams

This week we are getting to know Angie Williams from Castle Rock, CO. I met Angie through Facebook and she agreed to share her story. Tell us a little about yourself: I am married to an amazing … [Read More...]

dry needling for Fibromyalgia

Dry Needling for Fibromyalgia

I've not tried dry needling yet, but I have acupuncture regularly. They are similar yet different treatments. Dry needling uses the same needles used for acupuncture, but the locations focused on are … [Read More...]

Coba ruins - Mexico

A-Z Blogger Survey

I ran across this survey over on Chronically Kristin's blog, so I thought I'd have some fun with it and share a little bit more about myself at the same time. Plus I'm crazy busy with school this … [Read More...]

Fibromyalgia and Brain Function

Fibromyalgia and Brain Function

Fibromyalgia and Brain Function If you have Fibromyalgia there have likely been many times where you've experienced what we call "Fibro Fog", but you've likely also noticed other issues with your … [Read More...]

Fibromyalgia with a capital F

Fibromyalgia with a capital F

Before I posted my Guide to Living with Fibromyalgia for my subscribers to read I had several friends read through it and edit it. One of those friends edited Fibromyalgia to be fibromyalgia, because … [Read More...]

Handling negative people

Handling Negative People

Negative people are everywhere. There are those that will find the negatives in any idea, the "yeah but" people, and those who just can't seem to win for their own fear.  It's that last group that … [Read More...]


Fibro Warrior – Lauren Gaskill

Photo by Amanda Gahler www.aphotographer.meThis week I'm interviewing Lauren Gaskill of  Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on May 7, 2015.  But, she's been dealing with a … [Read More...]

Fay Farm CBD Oil Product Giveaway

Giveaway Time! Fay Farm CBD Oil Rub

I've been using the Fay Farm CBD Muscle Rub and Lotion for about 6 months now and I have to say that I still think it's amazing stuff!  I've shared it with a number of friends and family and … [Read More...]

10 Foods that Knock out Pain

10 Foods that Reduce Pain

I've shared many times that diet and lifestyle choices have had a much better impact on my pain levels than any meds ever have. So, when I came across this infographic on foods that reduce pain I … [Read More...]

Gary aka @FibroGuys - Interview with a Fibro Warrior

Fibro Warrior – Gary of @FibroGuys

This week I'm interviewing Gary McArther - yes there are FibroGuys! In fact, he's started his own website/ blog dedicated to the guys with Fibro. Gary is from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. … [Read More...]

choose your own adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

When we think of life with chronic illness we don't often think of having a choice. We are stuck with this illness, we didn't choose it. If we could choose, we certainly wouldn't choose to be sick, we … [Read More...]