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Gary aka @FibroGuys - Interview with a Fibro Warrior

Fibro Warrior – Gary of @FibroGuys

This week I'm interviewing Gary McArther - yes there are FibroGuys! In fact, he's started his own website/ blog dedicated to the guys with Fibro. Gary is from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. … [Read More...]

choose your own adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

When we think of life with chronic illness we don't often think of having a choice. We are stuck with this illness, we didn't choose it. If we could choose, we certainly wouldn't choose to be sick, we … [Read More...]

Fibromyalgia and Working Memor

Fibromyalgia and Working Memory

The Effect of Fibromyalgia and Working Memory Working memory is just what it sounds like it’s the memory you can work with at any given time, it allows you to switch tasks, to work a math problem in … [Read More...]

Alison- Fibro Warrior

Fibro Warrior – Alison Exelby

This week we are getting to know Fibro Warrior, Alison Exelby of  Auckland, New Zealand. She was diagnosed with Fibromylagia in October of 2014 at the age of 36. But, she says she's had symptoms since … [Read More...]


Time to stop surviving

I died at the age of 34. I was dead for three years but no one buried me. I'm thankful for that, because at the age of 37 I came back to life. My friend Jessica over at … [Read More...]

how long is a minute?

How long is a minute

*originally published on How long is a minute? When we think about a minute we know it's not very long but in our world of instant everything it's become an eternity. I can remember … [Read More...]

Let's stop pretending that we are ok.

Let’s STOP Pretending

I just read a great post by Toni Bernhard on denial and chronic illness. She talked about how we can often make our situations much worse by pretending we are OK. Sometimes I worry that people will … [Read More...]


Fibro Warrior: Leo @Fibro_boy

This week I'm sharing the story of another #Fibroguy, well actually @Fibro_boy as he calls himself on his blog and social media. His real name is Leo Elijah Cristea, and he's from the UK. As you are … [Read More...]

Lupus 101

Lupus 101: Guest Post

Lupus 101 I’m so privileged to be able to write this for Counting My Spoons, finally I can feel happy about spreading awareness, or at least my journey with it. I’m Cass a fellow blogger and writer … [Read More...]